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  • What health and safety precautions will you be taking due to COVID19?
    Once Upon a Tiara COVID19 Health and Safety Precautions In order to maintain the health and safety of our royal family and yours, we will be taking the following precautions: 1. Performers will NOT be permitted to work if they have a temperature above 100 degrees, if they feel ill in the slightest, or if they have been in contact with any potential COVID cases in the last 14 days. 2. We ask that guests will NOT attend if they have a temperature above 100 degrees, if they feel ill in the slightest, or if they have been in contact with any potential COVID cases in the last 14 days. 3. Performers will wash hands before traveling to the event as well as using hand-sanitizer before, throughout, and after the event. Clients may request for performers to wash hands upon entering, prior to leaving, or throughout the event. Gloves will be worn if appropriate/applicable to the character. 4. All materials used by the performers will be sanitized before and after your event. 5. We ask that you speak to your children about their safety and the potential germs that could spread from lots of hugs and touching. We encourage our performers to avoid hugging and touching as much as possible. 6. Masks: Masks are not required for attending guests and families. Performers can wear a mask upon client’s request. Please advise administration if you would like your attending performer to wear a mask or take additional precautions. To best protect ourselves and your families while still keeping the magic, we are implementing these protocols. We are committed to following them and we ask that you abide by them to the best of your abilities. If there are any extra measures you would like us to take during your party, please let us know--we are happy to work with you in any way we can!
  • What areas do you travel to? Do you have travel fees?
    We travel to the greater Phoenix valley in Arizona. Including: Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, SanTan Valley, Glendale, Avondale, and more! However, if your location is over 20 miles from our centralized area (Chandler, AZ) then there will be a travel fee. The travel fee is $.25/mile per every additional mile over 40 miles roundtrip.
  • Where can my party be held?
    Our princesses come to you- so your party can be held almost anywhere! Homes, event centers(with permission from venue), parks (only if it is under 90 degrees), and more! All events over 30 minutes long must be held inside from May-September. We have also partnered with Stage Door Studio in Chandler. You can host your party at their venue for $75/hour. Subject to availability.
  • How far in advance should I book my party/event?
    We encourage clients to book as far in advance as possible. We get bookings up to 12 months in advance, and in order to receive your requested characters and/or requested date/time, we encourage clients to book as soon as possible.
  • How do I pay for my princess party?
    After you send in your 'Booking Request Form', we will review it and then send you an invoice within 24-48 hours. There is a 50% nonrefundable deposit that will be due within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. We use Quickbooksas a payment service for the deposit. The remaining balance will be due at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Do I need to tip the performers?
    If you were very satisifed with our performers and your experience, gratituity is greatly appreciated!
  • Do you work with charities and non-profit organizations?
    Yes, we do! We would love to donate our time and talents to help give back to the community and those in need. Please contact us about volunteer opportunities.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, Once Upon a Tiara is an LLC and we are also fully insured!
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